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Selection of colors in the Interior

Color in the interior is very important nuance. And it doesn’t matter. if you choose Book Tour: Exotic Taste — Orientalist Interiors or classic. So, there are no 17 Things Color Consultants Want You to Know, but still good recommendation. Different colors and color combinations are differently perceived by humans, cause a wide variety of associations, feelings: can create cheerful mood or irritate, raise or lower the efficiency. Color can [...]

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Mixing of cultures in Orientalist Interiors

Oriental style, mysterious and incredibly thin, not for nothing that enjoys increasing popularity among interior designers. This style has become a kind of counterweight to the everyday hectic, saving an island in the sea of the bustling metropolis. So use Book Tour: Exotic Taste — Orientalist Interiors. East, or Asia, style, known for clean lines and bold colors, brings into our lives with confidence and calmness, characteristic of Eastern culture. [...]

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Interior color: Chartreuse

Another color in design is Chartreuse that we get by mixing green and yellow colors. The proportions of these colors will depend on the shade of Chartreuse, named after the famous liqueur. This color is often referred to as “Green Apple” or “lime”. Lime is brighter and juicier, more suitable for bright accents in the Interior. Green Apple-more calm tone that can also be used as a background clearance and [...]

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Tropical style in the interior

Tropical interior design style is most often used in the southern hotels and salons offering SPA treatments. But if you, coming home, want to dive into the relaxing world of tropics and feel the salt spray of the ocean for a moment, feel free to create such Palm Trees Take Interiors on a Tropical Vacation. How to start building a tropical style in the apartment? Let’s start with the colors [...]

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Make a room cozy with rustic style

“Worn down”, “rude”, “poor” is not these words come to mind when we think of modern kitchens. While the bright white cabinets, polished nickel fixtures and beautiful marble countertops-trends in modern cuisine kitchen-rural style will provide comfort on cold nights. This style also will describe the word “worn down”, “covered with patina”, “antique”, “home” and “recycled”. Take a look; you might want to try these ideas that will make your [...]

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Choose color with The Grand Budapest Hotel

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” – it is not a movie at all but a true picture, full of small, but nice looking components, special colors and perfect symmetry. This Visual deliciously, Marzipan in life-size that and wants to lick. The main feature of the “Hotel” (as well as other films by Wes Anderson) is it color palette. So, let’s see Golden Globes: 6 Design Ideas From ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ [...]

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Venetian style in interior

As you know, Choose color with The Grand Budapest Hotel. So, Venetian style is a striking blend of different cultures and historical eras in the Interior. Style, which has left its imprint itself of Venice, with its unique architecture, embodies the elegant luxury and nobility of classical lines, the elegance of shapes and openwork lightness, the Majesty of proportion and harmony. A characteristic feature of the Venetian is a wide [...]

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Hall design: best Interior ideas for apartments

Or, as they say, the living room is the real face of the apartment or House. Here gather friends in cozy and warm company here after a hard day’s work is the whole family, to talk and relax. Therefore, the main task of the interior design of this essential premise is a comfortable and cozy sitting area. Remember: Designs for Living Every Room Tells a Story. The output from the [...]

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Spots of light and shadow in interior decoration

This form has a brightness value in artistic interpretation of the surface on which the spot light, and the entire interior only if its relationship with the nearby brightness of not less than 1: 3. Otherwise the surface is either not read or place occupied by spot, seems only slightly lighter background. So it is very important to explore the Art of Light and Dark in Design. If Spot light [...]

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10 “NO” in design

This article we will look at the common mistakes that people make, starting in his second home repair or a city apartment on your own or with the help of an interior designer. Spots of light and shadow in interior decoration: Leave the apartment plan such as it is. I.e. not do alterations. Why such a thick dividing wall is obtained in bathroom? Furniture set along the walls! Why do [...]